Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not one minute

I didn't watch not one minute of the debate. Instead I decided to watch a horrible B movie, Kung Fury, that made me laugh. Oh why didn't I watch I hear you ask. What would the debate show me at all? I know all about the players and what their presidency can mean for the country. On one hand Clinton, the career politician, who has buckets of blood on her hands in a career spanning four decades. You can easily Google the Hillary body count. If that doesn't convince you, you deserve the Socialist hell hole her candidacy represents. On the other side an arrogant over the top real estate tycoon who's run over three hundred businesses, successful television show, owned politician after politician. Yeah you know I'm voting Trump.

The debates are for the undecided. From what I hear the career politician knew all the political answers and the businessman knew all the business answers. No surprises, no gaffes, no bombs. Plenty of news concerning the lack or pressure from Lester Holt on Hillary but if I understand there are two more debates I see him going after her in. Everyone in the main stream media will reveal at her stamina, and presence. I would be fresh as a daisy if I took all the days off from campaigning she has. Compare the two candidates schedules. Trump runs circles around her. What's she going to do when there's a crisis? Sorry boys I needs me nap. Sad state of affairs that I actually have friends I respect support her. The fear in these people is enormous. They need government to be there and save them, I don't.

I'm glad I didn't watch. I got to relax, rest, spend time with my wife who I love. There's more to life than politics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Death to the #nevertrump

I don't mean their literal deaths, I mean the while damn movement. Yesterday the idiots at the Dallas Morning News decided,  as I've been saying, that words cause them booboos. These spineless men and women have decided to endorse the queen of federal law breaking, Hillary "body count" Clinton. Dallas and other large Texas cities have become full of liberals which are naturally scared of anything. Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, are all sanctuary cities who permit all kinds of illegal immigrant crime so I get it.

As I've said for years liberalism is not an ideology, it's a mental disorder. Who would look at the political career of a unindicted  criminal like Hillary Clinton and want them to be the leader of the ever shrinking free world? Only a person or people as per the DMN editorial board, who is seriously mentally deficient make such of a decision. From the firing from the Watergate trial. To the deliberate destruction of evidence in erasing her server. No reasonable individual could make that jump.

In all the evidence the left and nevertrumps use to condemn the candidacy of Donald Trump, nothing compares to what Hildabeast has done. People are actually in their Graves because of this person. Oh but Trump says mean things about a third word country, he's mean. Whaaaaa, cry me a river. A portion of our society now known as the "participation generation" just can't mentally handle a difference of opinion or verbal conflict. The nevertrumps are a different breed. They consider themselves morally superior to anyone, so they can't compromise. Their weakness is arrogance. Ted Cruz began the march of the arrogant with his convention speech with the "vote your conscious" statement. For these people, they know they are better than you.

The majority of these people are regular church attendees and some even evangelical. They remind me of the biblical Pharisee. People of faith know the disdain Christ had for these people and their outward show of piety.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Words today cause booboo

I think in the last two years I've said this phrase a thousand times. To quote Clint Eastwood we have a country full of the #pussygeneration. A very loud minority of American politicians, Academics, celebrities, and college students are so physically and mentally weak that words hurt. I've seen with the Twiglypuff incident during a college tour by Brietbart journalist Milo Yannopolis, how pained and incensed these snowflakes can easily become when you disagree.

The protest and complaints nationwide are really a result of horrible parenting. There may be some who chose this weakness and sensitivity on their our, but I suspect this is a nuture issue. The protest are large scale dangrrous temper tantrum. The country has given and given and still people want more. The "ask not" from Kennedy has been forgotten and replaced by "hand out".

In these last few years the most idiotic and ridiculous terms have been invented. "Microagression", "Safe space", "Cultural appropriation", are just a few examples of the phrases created by these mentally ill individuals. Opposing ideas literally injure their very souls and they yell and kick and even sometimes kill. This generation of miscreants have acquired the age old strategy of violence when you can't get your way and we've seen law enforcement take the brunt of their madness.

The only way to stop these snowflakes is to send a shocking message by establishing a shocking government. Wink wink  (Donald Trump).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Apologies for my disappearance. Success in life brings it's own challenges and those  challenges took my attention away from politics to making my family great again. I've seen my wife blossom to am amazing mother to my children. I've seen my oldest rise to and thrive in college creating his own political blog. My daughter becoming a leader in nearly every student academic club in her high school. My younger two getting healthy and wise.

My months have been spent become an expert in the current field I earn a living in. I'm  sought after and respected and get to fly to nice places and do things I could never do before. I thank God for this opportunity. I have not been ignorant of what's been occuring they last nine months since I last shared with you all. Our country has taken many steps backwards due to BHO. These last nine months we've seen the rise of a terrorist movement here in the states. The Black Lives Matter movement may have started as a benevolent group to bring awareness to black issues in America. Now BLM is synonymous with black racism and murder.

"Pigs in a blanket, fry them up like bacon", has become a rally cry to the anarchist and communist that have taken over this movement. The culmination of their depravity was seen in Dallas with the death of 5 cops, one my former trainer. The leaks have come fast in furious as people take the lead from Edward Snowden.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Your true enemy is the media

I could not stomach watching the Republican debate on CNBC. You've been hearing all week from the left and right about the black eye that was given to 4th estate. We in the 5th estate have since blogging began detested and seen as suspicious pretty much anything that the mainstream media does. I rarely watch Fox News anymore after the debate where Megan Kelley decide to make herself the focus of the debate. I wish I was able to get One America News in my area. For the few months I was able to see it I found them unbiased and fair. I believe that since the news has become a profit driven medium, there is little room for the "plain" truth and nothing but the truth. Everything today needs to titillate, excite, and tease to make an almighty dollar. As a capitalist I see the success of news as a profitable pursuit part of what makes our country great.  As a person who understands that greed corrupts sees the media being part of the stock market with shareholders and chairmen of the board troubling.

I see that in the last 12 years we have seen the true drive and impetuous of the post Cronkite news. The media has decided not to and is not happy not picking winners and losers and bold faced manipulating the masses into doing what they (media) see is best for their vision for the USA. Look at the major topics just over the last year. Abortion, black lives matter, gun control, LGBT issues, the next president. The vast majority of information on the major networks; and not just news channels but also entertainment, is geared to sway you to champion and agree against conservative views. The fact that this is taking place at all should send you into outright revolution to destroy these businesses. That you are being bombarded with information or what I feel is misinformation to bend what you would rationally disagree with.

The backlash CNBC received was quick and cutting. CNBC within minutes of the debate ending became the laughingstocks of the 4th estate. I kicked the guys when they were down and heckled them for a bit on Twitter. My Tweets were re-tweeted and given a  favorite numerous time, showing just how much frustration for this behavior there is out there. Even if everyone of the debate moderator is fired CNBC made it's biggest profits ever, had it's largest audience ever, and was the buzz of the last few days. Bad press is still press, it's free advertising. Donald Trump uses controversy to get free press that turns into free ads for his campaign. Could it have been a genius plan by the folks at NBC to be just so absolutely in the pocket of the left that it purposely caused a debacle to make money. PT Barnum stated, "Advertising is to a genuine article what manure is to land, - it largely increases the product". Maybe the media needs to be a not for profit venture?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The moment of truth

I have not be alive that long, a little less than 50 years. I don't know about you all but i can't remember a time in my lifetime where the nation was so divided. Of course there have always been political divisions but they all had legal or legislative implications. What I see and sense today is discord on every aspect of who we are or had been as Americans. Faith is under attack with health legislation having to be taken to the Supreme court to express our God given right to not pay for an abortions. Race is under attack with the lies of "Hands up don't shoot" and "Black lives matter" activist. Gender is under attack with gender neutral bathrooms and locker rooms. Black is white, up is down wrong is right and my fellow Republicans have no balls to put a smack down on a few of these a-holes. I even saw a video attributed to the Huffington Post where mean are questioning if masculinity is a good thing. All of these idiocies make me think America is truly doomed because we've allowed the crazies to run the loony bin.

Stark contrast was show last week in the Democratic or as I called it the "New Soviet Socialist Party", and the Republican debates. The majority of the time the DemocraSocialist were speaking about what they could take from Americans at the top and share it with this made up bottom. Take your profits to give to workers, take your freedom to give it back to you, take your guns to never give them back. The Bernie Sanders bunch just are consumers, vampires, leeches, sucking the lifeblood of the American dream. In their Utopia no one but the rich pay for anything. Free is the party platform. Get free education, free healthcare, free raises, free leave. The DemocraSocialist plan looks to cost the nation if they are allowed to rule 5 or 6 trillion dollars to a nation that is 18 trillion in hock. I have this constant sense of impending doom that I cannot shake. I have seen only a few courageous political leaders but I have yet to see the angry energy the left has always had that we now need.

Moderate, blue dog Democrats, Libertarians, Conservatives, we are at a moment of truth. The left has dominated the narrative through the mainstream media and their in your face tactics. I think we need our own commando style takeover a Berkeley campus or the Democrat conventions where we had out some ass whooping to hippie left-wing commies. The left easily takes up the march or protest or sit in. Why can't we do something similar. Oh I forget we actually have jobs and are responsible and allow our kids to be born when our wives or partners get pregnant. I don't think I am saying we should emulate their childish takeovers of steakhouses and talk about how sad it is to eat a cow. I guess am I calling on you guys to get a lot more pissed off and involved in not swinging the pendulum our way but nailing that bastard to our side forever.

These next 15 months I believe will determine whether we continue to barely exist as the republic we are or if we go the way of Europe and be invaded politically and morally and destroyed. Only you can prevent this. Get pissed. Get politically active. Get our country back!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rage Rage Rage

I do not know exactly why Barack Obama angers me so. Obama gets me to a level of righteous indignation like no person ever. Not even in my personal life have I had such disgust and disdain for a human being. I have tried to find something good in this man but I've failed. Obama has done more damage to this country than any any of the nations that oppose our values. Almost 100,000,000 not even looking for work. Rising leftist violence as witnessed on Oregon and most recent mass shootings.

Obama is the Anti-American. The man is what America actually fought wars over to rid the planet of. How could so many Americans be such cowards, leeches, Socialist,  Marxist,  Communist? In a span of eight years every military and social gain we made from Clinton going to the middle to two Bush elections have been utterly destroyed. Today hangers-on and baby killers are seen as heros and normal. Riot after riot, liberal cause after liberal cause is paraded and applauded as progress. Have we not learned from the failings of Greece and Rome from decadence?

I wrote two years about a cold civil war having begun. More an more Americans have begun to openly defy the federal government. Wyoming with it's law to jail federal agents enforcement of federal gun laws to crazy Kim Davis not signing a marriage certificate,  people are fed up. Even the media have finally woken up to the Sodom like direction of our nation under Obama. Popular shows like the View are being yanked from TV for their outright hate for anything other than liberal debauchery. People who are moderate and right wing are becoming more and more active and soon I predict aggressive in changing this nation back to a Republic.

I am not talking good Ole days, I'm talking about a system of economic and political values that propelled us to a super power. Obama hates our exceptionalism. Hates that America rules. Hates that America leads. Obama's vision o f America leads us to be equals with the other world nations if not subservient. Obama would be none the happier if we were under some united governmental union of nations where we would be just a cog in global decision making not THE decision makers we no too long ago were.

I no longer care how Obama was made or his mommy and daddy issues. He's far to gone to help. I used feel sorry for him that his daddy was a douche and abandoned him with Commie granny and grandpa. Mom going from relationship to relationship, I know how that can screw a kid up. I'm done feeling sorry for Barry he is just too dangerous to the constitution. Look he's even motivating commentators on Fox News to call the constitution "Bullshit", thanks Geraldo. Go move to Mexico if you think their's is better. Obama has made up, down, black white and has found a way to circumvent our system of checks and balances.

With a year left and nothing stopping him I fear for what will be done or happen next to America. Russia as I predicted two years ago is now flexing it's Soviet might in the middle east and being thanked for it. China is building island bases in the middle of the ocean and Obama just flies spy planes not so secretly around them. After the Oregon shooting he has even suggested that we do a national disarmament like England and Australia. Look at what England has become now. England is a base of operations for European Jihadist. Walk around London like I have this year and ask yourself where are all the English people. Something is coming,  something has to break and I don't know what but I see many quietly preparing and planning. Are you?